Unscientific lines must be removed

Leading mayoral candidate, Jackie Elliott says KCDC face an estimated $250,000 in costs defending the first case against their arbitrary lines on 1800 LIM reports, and there are still 1799 cases to go.

Ms Elliott says regardless of the outcome of Mike Weir’s case, storms will occur, erosion will occur, accretion will occur however the outcomes predicted in Dr Shand’s report are not predicted for another 50 – 100 years.

“The policy designed to stop future court action against KCDC has simply prompted that very action. It has failed and is one of the many decisions made by the current Council that must be reversed for the common good”. says Ms Elliott.

“What is needed is a commonsense, long term approach to re assessing the risk, or lack of it and the immediate removal of the arbitrary lines off the LIM’s that are based on controversial science.

“It is vital the science used by Council is accurate and verifiable. It was an overnight decision by KCDC that placed the 1800 owners of the affected properties into a living nightmare. This can be quickly remedied and removal of the lines is exactly what I will do when elected Mayor,” says Ms Elliott.