Celebrity couple Shazza and Bazza recent visitors to Kāpiti

Australian celebrity couple Shazza and Bazza Throgmorton say they enjoyed their recent visit to Kāpiti so much they are considering taking up residency here.

“This place is bloody ripper mate,” said Shazza. “Bloody Bazza bloody loves the bloody place and he’s been knockin back that Tuatara beer like there’s no bloody tomorrow mate. Who knew you could make beer outta bloody tuataras mate. You bloody kiwis, you’re a resourceful lot.”

Mrs Throgmorton said there may be one or two immigration issues but is hoping for a good outcome.

“Well yeah there were a couple of times when Bazza had a couple too many and caused a bit of chaos back home but he hardly ever does that any more. I mean who hasn’t streaked at a rugby match, I only did it once myself, too bloody cold mate.”

Mrs Throgmorton says with any luck they will be back here and settled by summer. “You blokes do have bloody summer dontcha?”

Bazza said, “burp.”