Is public reserve land about to be lost

There is a developing controversy over Kāpiti Council plans to legitimise a structure damaging land around the Wharemaku Stream.

The land involved is Reserve Land separating Coastlands two shopping buildings over which exists a link. It was vested in Council when the block was subdivided in the 90’s. It seems Council’s intention is to legitimise a three year old 12m wide retail structure that has caused significant harm to this land, has significantly impeded public access and has seriously impacted on public enjoyment of the land.

One of the key purposes of reserve land is for the enjoyment of and access by the public. This retail structure has created a wasteland below it and has significantly impacted on both.

Retail activity is not a permitted use on reserve land but Council has come up with a scheme to get around this – firstly by entering into a short term lease of the land with Coastlands to enable it’s development to proceed in haste and secondly to legally divorce the airspace above the land and revoke it’s reserve status so that legitimately a long term commercial lease of the airspace containing the retail building can be entered into.

KCDC placed a public notice announcing its “Intention to revoke the status of air space over a portion of council reserve land.” On the basis of the nebulous public notice it seems that this initiative is being carried out by stealth.

You may wish to object to Council’s intention and if so it is important to do so by contacting KCDC prior to 4pm this Friday 24 May.