Woodville set to take centre stage in new comedy web series

The first episode of the NZ on Air funded web series Woodville launches to the public next week.

The comedy follows a group of fictional characters from Woodville who make a documentary about their fight to keep a petrochemical company out of their backyard.

The characters share and re-enact their experiences for the documentary resulting in a comedy of errors.

Woodville producer and director Georgiana Taylor says it’s been great to work on a production based in and around small town New Zealand.

“While the series is comical and completely fictional, we hope many New Zealanders will be able to relate to the rural way of life it depicts.”

Woodville writer and London-based Christopher Brandon agrees and says “even though the series has a distinctly Kiwi feel to it we believe the core message of community and its comedy will also appeal to an international audience.

“That’s the beauty of a web series. Doesn’t matter what country you’re in, anyone can access Woodville once it’s uploaded and live.”

Woodville launches on Tuesday 14 May at www.wouldwoodvillewin.com. Each of the six episodes will be released on subsequent Tuesdays.

The series received $44,819.25 from NZ on Air as part of their revamped Ignite Digital Media Fund.

Woodville was produced by ClayWeavers Productions which consists of producer/director Georgiana Taylor and writer Christopher Brandon.