Buskers keep streets alive in Kāpiti….

A quick citizens poll in Kāpiti showed overwhelming support for our street entertainers.

Comments included: “Our Buskers add to the vibrancy of the place and in some cases they are the only bright sport in otherwise dull shopping areas.”

One person responded that the quality was pretty variable but some of the good ones as as good as she had seen in London.

One Busker on show in Waikanae today was Mark Nelson who has been entertaining on the streets for the last five years.

“I really enjoy doing it and you get instant feedback from the public which is great. I get a few requests as well,” said Mark.

Many of the Buskers are also available for more conventional gigs and many are highly sought after. There is always the chance of discovery and recording contracts.

Mark says while he enjoys the direct contact of busking he also does other gigs, including weddings and home parties. He has a wide and impressive range of songs and the sounds of the Eagles, Neil Young and today a brilliant version of the Larry Stewart song The Boy Down the Road will keep him as popular on the streets of Kāpiti as ever.

The Plug: for more info on Mark contact [email protected]