The Beatroot Family – Kāpiti talent at its best…

The Beatroots are one Kāpiti Coast band you are not going to be able to catch in a pub. Pity! Their debut CD “Introducing the Beatroots” is one of the most original local CD’s I have heard this year. That is saying something as I am a lot over 10 years old.

The introduction (possibly meant for adults), tells us that the ‘Beatroots’ are a very old family who claim to have influenced most of the famous events throughout history, or at least, witnessed them. The band describe themselves as ‘made up of artists, musicians, poets, mathematicians, scientists, a few chefs, writers and the occasional magician.’

Although ‘Beatroots’ material is aimed at the children’s market, anyone who has ever been a child or knows one will love it. With song topics like ‘Upside Down’, a song about getting dressed all by yourself. Where everything is back to front, inside out and upside down, to the mischievous sounding ‘Here comes trouble’ talking about the neighbours’ naughty little boy.

The CD’s narrator, Nigel Patterson, takes the listener on a whimsical journey of the adventures of daydreaming seven year old Angela Beatroot, who along with her big sister and little brother, are having a bad moving day. The new home though ends up being truly magical as you will see, with a Country Harvest Festival with performers, ‘The Higgeldy Pickeldy Band’, who turn out to be the new neighbours. Their naughty little boy “Trouble’ who becomes Angela’s new best friend, and a house cow, Daisy, who can be ridden.

The band, includes local line up, Nigel Patterson, as narrator, singer, writer, character, and treating us to his superb skills with a huge variety of instruments from Harmonica to percussion to very fine trumpet. Patterson’s talents are nicely showcased here. The who’s who of Kāpiti Coast Artists featured include, poet Lindsay Rabbitt; Musicians – Carylann Martin, Shayne Hurricane Wills, Andrew London, Bos O’Sullivan and Andrea Cook among others.

The musicality is impressive, introducing children to every instrument from the gazoo to the piano accordion, violin trumpet to cello. I was sure I could hear a brass band bass drum on the last track. This line-up is all nicely and perfected mixed at Kāpiti’s Rocksure Soundz Studios by Tony Kortez. A Kiwi touch is added by the Tui and Ruru (Morepork) calls through the last tracks. The mix is world class.

The next Beatroots family member is Ali Richards, a kindergarten teacher and Waikanae resident who aspires to be a ukeleist when she grows up, but for now, has done a superb job as concept writer of the story. The beautiful cover artwork of original pencil works, was done by Paekākāariki artist Harriet Bright, a finalist in the Signature Art awards. This CD is worth buying just for the art itself and lucky us, we can download A4 size copies of the original sketches for ourselves on

Special mention must be made of the cute wee kid’s voice, of Finn Anderson Howard. More local talent in the making. Our whole family loved the Beatroots and look forward to sharing it with all the neighbourhood kiddies over the holidays. We are looking forward to more of their adventures in the future. It is well worth the $25.00 price and is available from the website

The Beatroot Family is reviewed by Jackie Elliott