Best chance to stop the Expressway – have your say

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is asking for submissions on the Kāpiti Expressway.

After years of waiting, people who are concerned about the expressway finally have their best chance to stop it says SaveKāpiti spokesperson Jonathan Gradwell. He adds “Nothing you have written before counts. All the expos, feedback and so-called ‘consultation’ have detracted from the real submission process which is currently taking place. Your one chance to have your say about how the expressway affects you is now.”

NZTA’s recent announcement that some of the Roads of National Significance projects will be delayed by three years indicates that NZTA’s funding is limited and Mr Gradwell says the expressway is even less likely now than when the proposal was first suggested. “NZTA and the Government want us to think that the project is a ‘done deal’ but the funding situation gets worse by the minute and dozens of other problems have now come to light which could definitely stop planning approval going ahead.”

Kāpiti resident Bianca Begovich, who recently hosted an Expressway Submission Workshop, encourages everyone to write a submission. “It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Simply state what your issues are and what you would like NZTA to do about them,” Mrs Begovich says. She also says that NZTA’s performance with Transmission Gully shows they will try to get away with the minimum they can if the public allow them to. “If Kāpiti coasters don’t write submissions about what they want, they won’t get anything except a noisy, dangerous concrete barrier through the middle of the district. People who take the time to write a submission can feel satisfied that they have done everything they can to help protect their environment, their district and the future of the Kāpiti Coast,” Mrs Begovich says.

The EPA website ( will have a form where submitters can easily write their submission on-line. NZTA’s application for resource consent can be found on the same website or at

SaveKāpiti ( also has resources and information including details about how to contribute to their campaign, advice on the most effective and easiest way to write a submission and a template with some of the issues people may find relevant to add to their own submissions.