An idle Mind – is a Dangerous Mind

It is not a wonder more outrageous vandalism has not occurred in the past with regards to our youth. E.g. Aircraft vandalism, letter box smashed, Infringement fines- speeding, violence.

There is so much unemployment within the youth community in the Kāpiti Coast District. This is due to no jobs, boredom, and lack of parental control, teachers and Police frustration.

I was always taught ‘An idle mind – is a dangerous mind (WATCH OUT).’ Just to mention I was the advocate who pushed for this Kāpiti Council to form a Youth Council which was taken up e.g. this information was given to this Council as to how they operated in Wanganui with Michael Laws (the Mayor).

I can now say they are only catering for the upper bracket and not the lower social economic side of the Youth community.

Recently I spoke to a wide section of the Youth in Paraparaumu/ Ōtaki/Paekākāariki from these areas who have been unemployed for more than a year. I can see that they were totally out of it – disorientated, lack of wellbeing and respect. Their agendas in life were smoking dope, pop pills, partying a lot, getting girls pregnant, go on the Benefit, no incentive to work or get out of bed in the morning.


I honestly think to fix this unemployment issue and paying out Benefits, after six weeks Unemployment Benefit would be cut entirely or else work for the Benefit scheme run in conjunction with WINZ and local Council e.g. Kāpiti Coast District Council rather than the Central Government.

This would have positive consequences all round.

1.It would give those youth who are unemployed wellbeing in life.

2.Would alleviate a lot of crime that goes on.

3.Responsibility to the Community.

4.Justification for our taxes as high as they are.

5.This would benefit the whole community young and old.

6.Change of minds mental thinking of our youth.

7.Lead to better leadership within the youth.

8.Parents, Police would possibly see a positive side of this scheme.

I end this comment of the week, “An idle Mind – is a Dangerous Mind”