Use of local businesses for local work

The Kāpiti Chamber encourages anyone requiring work done in Kāpiti to look to local businesses to do that work, wherever local businesses can do that work.

In the case of a business setting up in Kāpiti, using locals can give you highly skilled people, local knowledge, and also the support of the community in which your business will be trading, says Chamber chair Mark Ternent.

“In the case of Council work, the principle is similar however the issue is more complex, as Council has a responsibility to the ratepayer to ensure that public monies are spent well; and also Council contracts are not usually issued with commercial trading in mind. In this regard, the Chamber supports a modest factor in the weighted decision process favouring local businesses or local business content, as well as a proactive approach by Council staff to an ongoing engagement with local businesses potentially capable of doing the work.

“At the end of the day, the responsibility rests with businesses to go and find the opportunities they need, and to be constantly working towards being the best option in the eyes of any potential customer. Businesses should not expect to win work if they are not the best choice for the job. Therefore the Chamber strongly encourages Kāpiti businesses to be proactively keeping up to date with opportunities, networking, and building relationships with other businesses or Councils who may require work done,” says Mr Ternent.

“In the case of Council work, this includes subscribing to the Government Electronic Tendering System (GETS) website which Councils and Government bodies are required to use for all significant tenders.”