More than $41 million in capital projects for Kāpiti

The Draft Annual Plan proposed for the Kāpiti Coast District Council for 2011/2012 includes more than $41million in capital projects across 16 activity areas, Mayor Jenny Rowan said today.

Approved for consultation at the Council’s meeting held in Ōtaki last week, the plan seeks an average net rate increase of 7.31%, down significantly from the 9.8% originally proposed for the year in the Council’s Long Term Plan published in 2009.

In her introduction to the Draft Annual Plan, Mayor Jenny Rowan said, “It is very much a statement about the considerable amount of work we are undertaking on behalf of Kāpiti Coast residents.

Major expenditure items planned include:

$2.4million for additional water supply/storage capacity

$0.3million on water treatment plant renewal

$2.3million on Raumati Beach CBD stormwater upgrade

$8.7million to commence construction on the Aquatic Centre

$3.7million on refurbished civic centre/council chambers

$1.3million on the annual road resealing programme

$0.9million on the Kāpiti Road/Rimu Road intersection upgrade

$1.1million on Raumati Beach Town Centre and $0.411 on Ōtaki Town Centre

$1.9million on strategic land purchases

In addition there are a range of other significant projects are planned which require funding.

“When Councillors first began work on the Draft Annual Plan for 2011/12, they were initially looking at 9.5%,” Mayor Rowan said. “During a series of workshops open to the public they have managed to reduce the average rate increase to 7.31%.”

The consultation period for the Draft Annual Plan and for the Special Consultative Procedure for the water meters will run from March 28 to April 28, 2011. The Council will hear submissions on May 24, 25 and 26 and consider those submissions on June 2.

Subject to the Council’s response to the submissions, the final Annual Plan and any amendment to the 2009 Long Term Council Community Plan required by the decision on the introduction of water meters, will be adopted on 23 June, 2011 at the same time as the rates will be levied.

“This draft plan has the Council focusing very clearly on its core businesses. There is money for new water supply, for the major Raumati Beach CBD stormwater and town centre upgrades, as well as roading.

“At the same time the Council is working towards a start on the Aquatic Centre and Civic Building.

“The most contentious issues confronting us at present are clearly the NZTA Expressway plans from Mackay’s Crossing to Peka Peka and the Peka Peka to Ōtaki leg. While these do not involve significant Council funds in 2011/12, they will continue to require a considerable commitment in time from both Elected Members and Council staff.

“Please read the summary of the annual plan and the statement of proposal on water meters.

“Copies of the full Draft Annual Plan and more detailed information on the water meters proposals are available on our website ( ), the libraries and service centres.

“Please read them and provide us with your constructive feedback before the close of consultation on April 28,” Mayor Rowan said.