Consent application lodged for Aquatic Centre

The Aquatic Centre reached a milestone today with the lodging of the application for resource consents with Council. Mayor Jenny Rowan welcomed this major step in the programme for the project.

“This has been a long time coming. It’s clear evidence that Council and the Trust are serious about making this project happen.”

The application documents were handed to Council resource consents planners this morning completing a busy phase of work for the Aquatic Centre design team, Project Manager Peter Knight said.

“Efforts will now focus on preparing the details of the design which will be needed for construction contract documents.”

Chair of the Kāpiti Aquatic Centre Trust, Neil MacKay also welcomed the milestone.

“This will be a significant boost to the Trust’s ability to convince potential sponsors that this project is going to happen. Some of our sponsors have been waiting until we reached the stage of consents and construction designs before committing fully to the project.

“With the application for consents having been lodged they can now see real progress being made.

“Now’s the time for all the potential sponsors the Trust has been working with to take the next step and confirm that the full amount of funding discussed earlier, is now available.”

Construction of the facility with its leading-edge translucent roof will commence before the end of the year, Mr Knight said.

The centre will take about a year to build, and is planned to be open for swimming in late 2012.