Kāpiti supporting Christchurch

A team of seven building inspectors and water and reticulation staff from Kāpiti Coast District Council are now assisting the Christchurch recovery effort, Mayor Jenny Rowan said today.

“This team of seven will be replaced on a revolving basis each week,” she said.

They are part of a combined regional team of 10 building inspectors and 17 water and reticulation staff from throughout the region which travelled to Christchurch on Sunday.

“Our building inspectors took a Council-owned light four-wheel drive vehicle to Christchurch as last time there was difficulty with transport in the city. Two members of the Kāpiti team were also involved in carrying out similar building inspection work in Christchurch following the September ‘quake.

“The water and reticulation staff from Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti councils will be assisting to restore water and wastewater services to the quake damaged areas.

The water teams are made up of four two-man crews from Wellington City, and two two-man crews from Porirua City and Kāpiti Coast District Council as well as one engineer from Kāpiti.

“While our building inspectors were organised in advance last week, our water staff were placed on 24 hour notice late on Friday night. On late Saturday afternoon they were asked to ship out within 14 hours due to ferry schedules.”

The combined regional building inspectors and water team of 27 staff travelled together by ferry and arrived in Christchurch on Sunday afternoon. After sorting accommodation for Sunday night for the water team, staff are now being deployed.

“Reducing our staff through this response will have an impact on our service response times and plans,” Jenny Rowan said.

“Our officers will work through these issues today and the aim will be to make sure the public are informed of any services which may be affected.