Expressway solution beggars belief

Dear Ed,

Its been said that politicians have short memories, but Helene Donaldson’s attempts to arrive at a solution to the expressway carnage she and her cronies campaigned so hard to introduce simply beggars belief. In a statement devoid of all sensitivity, she advocates plonking everyone on a street or two north of the town. Does she seriously believe this is a credible alternative to the destruction of acres of peace and quiet, tranquility and gardens that many have toiled over for the past 30 years to create? Does she think this will provide absolution for the destruction and desecration of the river corridor, wahi tapu and the dislocation that landowners face? How dare this woman attempt to speak for the people affected by this expressway. What mandate does she have to represent their interests? And how typical of this toothless council to think its a good idea. These statements take the heat off them and the diabolical impacts along Kāpiti and Te Moana Road.

Marie O’Sullivan