Winners and Losers in Mana by-election

The Mana by-election won by Kris Faafoi threw up some serious questions for all of the parties involved. KCnews has a look at who the Winners and Losers were on the night.

Kris Faafoi – by definition is the winner as he got the most votes and can now proudly claim to represent the Mana electorate in Parliament. However the Labour Party, though relieved to still have the seat, must be very disappointed to see the majority slashed from over 6000 to just over 1000 in what has always been seen as a safe Labour seat.

Hekia Parata – again by definition not a winner but very few would see Ms Parata as a loser either. Her percentage of the votes went from 35% at the general election to 42% in this red ribbon haven and she reduced a 6000 vote lead to 1000. I expect she will not be crying herself to sleep over this loss. Ms Parata remains in Parliament as a List MP.

Matt McCarten – rode into town at the last minute and had an immediate impact on the election, particulary in the defining of core issues for many in the electorate. Mr McCarten knew he wasn’t in the race to win it but his profile was enough to lead the debate for most of the last six weeks.

Jan Logie – the personable Ms Logie was always going to be significantly outspent but was successful in maintaining the Green Party’s 6.7% from the last election.

ACT Party – oh dear oh dear, it must be like a funeral at ACT Headquarters. Despite a very pleasant candidate in Colin Du Plessis, ACT mustered about half of one percent which is a plummet from the giddy heights of the 1.84% at the last election.

Apathy – was probably the big winner on the night with the vote down by 12,000 on last year.