Fluid politics keeps road in focus

Greetings everyone;

Thanks to all of you who supported candidates opposed to the motorway. The good news, of course is the election of Celia in Wellington, who, with supportive Councillors, may be able to cut off the Wellington RON at the knees. NZTA have always said that the road only works if all the pieces are built. If we can get better public transport connections in Wellington, it is more difficult to make a case for the northern motorways.

The next priority for ASK is the presentation of our petition, and examining the new proposals due out from NZTA. We also hope the motorway will be an issue for the Mana by-election; Jan Logie, the Green candidate has been invited to our next committee meeting.

Remember, donations to ASK can be made by cheque to PO Box 25 Paekākāariki.


Nick Fisher