A dogged response to campaign stunt


My apologies to Dr MacGibbon for my having misunderstood the nature of the dog walk. I had misconstrued the “fun affair” as a publicity stunt for the Rowan campaign, having been distracted by so many dogs parading with campaign advertising for Ms Rowan. My mistake; sorry. I am sure that all those sincere dog lovers, and the many other hangerson who didn’t seem to own dogs, had undertaken a thorough explanation to their canine fellow-campaigners as to the meaning of the signs that they were persuaded to carry after due discussion. After all, such a stunt is just as legitimate as the use of toddlers for carrying placards on political demonstrations, so why not dogs? They must have political rights too. I also misunderstood the slogan itself, having mistaken it for a cynical semantic manipulation of words to give undue credit to the Mayor. Such a travesty has never happened before, of course.

On hindsight I was being petty to regard the misrepresentation of an issue by the Rowan campaign as of any real consequence. After all, deceit is an acceptable part of politics, isn’t it? I would also like to apologise to Dr MacGibbon herself, as I am sure that she was of great help to the K-DOG campaign at the time, along with all those others on the march; it’s just that my memory must be faulty.

I will be sure to assure other K-DOG stalwarts who worked hard to get the Council to revoke the bylaw that their misgivings are like mine unjustified, and will tell them to “lighten up.” After all, it’s a great honour that all our hard work not only revoked the bylaw by also assisted albeit unwittingly Ms Rowan’s re-election campaign.

Dr K R Bolton