Mental Health Awareness Week – October 4-11

Kāpiti community organisations have been spending time organising exciting things to be held next week in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Take the time to check out the programme, talk about it with family and friends and organise with them to attend something of interest during this week. Every year Kāpiti provides events, initiatives, presentations, music, drama, poetry etc. to raise awareness about the importance of health and wellbeing. This year the focus is on flourishing for everyBODY, feeling good and functioning well.

Flourishing for everyBODY: Feel good and function well

Over the last century or more, the focus on mental health in society has been on mental disorders, and either treating or preventing them. So much so that most people think about mental health only as a problem or something negative. There are also many more stressors on mental health today generally relating to increased pace and complexity of life.

Flourishing is a measure of mental health that has been developed within the last decade and can be used to determine the level of positive mental health in populations. When someone is flourishing they experience, most of the time, positive emotions, positive interest and engagement with the world around them, and meaning and purpose in their lives. Evidence suggests that people who are flourishing are less at risk of physical and mental health problems and have better social relationships.

Flourishing is about focusing on the good things in life. It’s about the things we aspire to, both as individuals and as members of a wider community.

In Aotearoa/New Zealand we believe:

EveryBODY has the right to participate and flourish in their community.

EveryBODY can contribute towards creating a flourishing community.

EveryBODY has the potential to feel good and function well.

For more information on flourishing – including tips and techniques to support your mental health and wellbeing visit:

Kāpiti Choices

82 Kāpiti Road, Paraparaumu

04 905 2110

Compass Primary Health Care

Network Kāpiti Locality

Cnr Kāpiti & Hurley Road,


04 297 2009


04 902 0753

Kāpiti Community Health Group

Kāpiti Health Centre

Warrimoo Street, Paraparaumu

04 2986917

Strengthening Families

Seaview Road


04 297 3146

Kāpiti Crossroads

Weka Road

Raumati, 04 299 6981

Age Concern, Kāpiti

Coastlands, Paraparaumu

04 298 8879

Kāpiti Community Mental

Health Team

Kāpiti Health Centre, Warrimoo

Street, Paraparaumu

04 903 0260

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