NZTA looming large


There were workers drilling opposite our house on Te Moana Road this week.

I believe that these were from NZTA testing outside the Sandhills motorway designation.

So those folks who like us, live near Melt in Waikanae, are in line for the bulldozer.

It would have been nice if NZTA had bothered to tell us about it first.

We know now that the NZTA had deliberately miss-led us.

Their so called consultation implied that the WLR would be used but now we hear that they will straighten that out by several hundred meters.

They have to miss the Urupa in Waikanae and the only way a straight road can do this is to demolish houses in Kauri Road, Puriri Road and Te Moana Road.

Thanks all those who were hoodwinked in to supporting their motorway.

You can redeem yourself by voting for candidates who support the local road in the KCDC elections.

See the SaveKāpiti Website for details.

Colin Baxter