Church says he is ‘ignoring the Spin Doctors’

Ross Church, Mayoral Candidate for Kāpiti, is ignoring the spin doctors.

“Throughout this campaign, I have steadfastly refused to comment on other people, policies or opinions,” says Mr Church. “That stance will continue”.

“All candidates have been asked by groups and alliances to support their stance, or agree with their policies,” he says.

“I will not do this. I would rather put my policies to the electorate. People will make up their own minds. I think it is important for people to hear candidate’s policies from the candidate directly, rather than have them re-interpreted by a third party.”

“I don’t know why alliances and groups think they have to interpret polices for voters. If anyone wants to know what I think, I’m happy to talk to them directly: any time, anywhere,” says Mr Church.