Mayor encourages public to shape Paraparaumu Town Centre

Kāpiti Mayor Jenny Rowan is urging the community to get involved with deciding how the town centre of Paraparaumu looks in the future.

Last week Council agreed to use the special consultative procedure laid down by the Local Government Act 2002 and now must work out which parts of the town centre land are needed for public facilities.

“It has taken 20 years to get through all the negotiations and court procedures to this point where we can say what we need for the future of Paraparaumu town centre. I urge everyone to think about it,” says Ms Rowan. “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help shape the town centre for our children and grandchildren”.

A June report to Council said that current requirements were likely to require land for the Aquatic Centre, an arts centre and stormwater drainage. “The rest is up to the community. If you want a Youth Centre, playground or public park here, you have to make your views known” says Ms Rowan.

By April 2011 the Council have to submit their land requirements and commence negotiations to offer back any town centre land not required.