Tony Jack Committed to Kāpiti

Campaign Statement

I am standing again as a Districtwide Councillor. A lifetime Kāpiti Coaster, I have time and energy to commit to this position.

As current Chair of the Corporate Business Committee I have been unable to gain majority Council support to balance “wish lists” with realistic rating levels.

The LTCCP has a strong focus on “Sustainability”. This must extend beyond laudable environmental ideals to include “Financial Sustainability”. Council must promote a balanced approach to spending and must complete key infrastructure provision ahead of many optional and non-core activity luxury projects.

The current Council proposals for expenditure in the next few years are unrealistic and unaffordable.

Rates increases must be contained. There is considerable pressure on those with fixed incomes. This will require restraint in some areas to allow key infrastructure projects to proceed urgently.

I believe a way forward would be for binding ratepayer referenda on key spending projects because the community consultation process is captured by small minorities and the costs of consultation are too high and time consuming.

The time has come to have a clear path of communication to give clarity to decision-makers on the way forward for often complex issues – that path is to have referenda to establish certainty for the Council’s direction, policies and projects.

The progress needed would be clearly signalled by the referenda process and the majority wishes of the community could proceed on a faster, mandated basis.

Council has gone too far in trying to be all things to all people and at a huge cost to ratepayers.

With the expressway and major development at the airport, Waikanae North and Ōtaki – the next three years is crucial in having a “financially sustainable” way forward.

I seek your on-going support. I will continue to work hard on your behalf.

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