GURU The people’s Choice

Campaign Statement


A senior journalist and investigative reporter for the Kāpiti Observer and more recently Kāpiti News and BeachFM Radio, K Gurunathan has a reputation of being an uncompromising community watchdog.

“For 15 years I have provided the people of Kāpiti with in-depth reports and revealing analysis on council politics, community, environmental and development issues. I know how council works and its impact on people.”

  • RATES MUST BE KEPT DOWN. Trim the community and council’s wish list. The recession is hurting families and businesses.

  • Sandhills Expressway must serve local business and communities. NZTA should pay the full cost of mitigation including a local bridge to connect Paraparaumu and Waikanae.

  • End closed-door council/iwi meetings. All ratepayer investment into iwi projects must be transparent and accountable.

  • Resource Neighbourhood Support Groups. Senior citizens need better security.

  • Promote Saturday markets, like the excellent Paraparaumu Beach Market, as multi-purpose community assets.

    Vote Guru the people’s voice in Council.