Scarecrow Stories from Raumati Beach School Room 5 (year 1) students

Raumati Beach School Room 5 (year 1) students had a wonderful time with their teacher Michelle Abraham making a scarecrow, reading scarecrow stories, dancing like scarecrows and writing scarecrow stories.

The Scarecrow

My story is about Mrs Abraham’s scarecrow. It can scare birds when they eat your vegetables. They are scared of the scarecrow because it is called scare and crow.

By Sophia Willetts Age: 5Yrs


The scarecrow is wobbly and it comes alive sometimes.

By Helia Dawson Age: 5Yrs


Scarecrows scare birds at night and at day time. At night scarecrows become alive.

By Joshua Agraba Age: 5Yrs


You don’t put a scarecrow in a park. If you put it in your garden the crows won’t eat your vegetables.

By Jamie Whitton Age: 5Yrs

My Scarecrow

My scarecrow has a flower and corks on his hat. The corks dingle at night.

By Cerys Voyle Age: 6Yrs