Fluoride story – far from over yet


The World Health Organisation classifies fluorosis as a disease.

A recent European report (SCHER) says that fluoride levels above 0.8 parts per million can cause disease (fluorosis) in children fed on milk formula mixed with fluoridated water.

The Medical Officer of Health, Dr Stephen Palmer, when questioned by Councillor Hilary Wooding, said the Ministry of Health are comfortable with the SCHER report and have been aware of the risk above 0.8 ppm, but have never warned mothers nor do they intend to.

If fluoride levels greater than 0.8 ppm can cause disease, can we assume that a 0.7 ppm level does not?

According to the Ministry of Health, water fluoridation benefits lower socio-economic groups the most, so why is Ōtaki un-fluoridated? And what about Paekākāariki, which is also un-fluoridated? Councillors are afraid of promoting fluoridation for these towns as it would be political suicide. Its simple, people who don’t have water fluoridation don’t want it!

It has taken a brave Councillor, Peter Daniel, and public pressure (anti-fluoride nutters according to some) to bring all this into the open, NOT the Ministry of Health, or the Council.

This is not the end of the story. Water fluoridation in New Zealand will eventually cease.

Mike Woods