Candidates need a genuine approach on Sandhills Expressway

Dear Editor,

Candidates in the upcoming local body elections should state where they stand personally on the ‘Sandhills Expressway’. The community do not want to hear that “it is a done deal.” We know what NZTA have announced, what we need to know is if candidates will commit to fighting these plans that do not benefit the Kāpiti Coast in any way. It undermines the hard work that was done to approve the WLR, which along with public transport improvements would have solved our problems in much less time than it will take to build this trucking bypass. The disingenuous approach of Jenny Rowan and others on this issue does not help our cause. The Government would have less mandate to force these upon us if our local elected representatives lobby them with the widespread views of Kāpiti residents that this road is not wanted. If we fail to act now then we lay this mess on future generations who will be living in poorer health conditions, less ecological diversity, a less stable economy, and with destroyed cultural history as a direct result of this expressway and the wider Roads of National Significance project.

Jack McDonald

Youth MP