Maori Language Week – a Progressive approach

Supermarket leader Progressive Enterprises has won special praise from the Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori (The Maori Language Commission) for their commitment to Maori Language Week 2010.

In an unprecedented move Progressive Enterprises will adopt a bilingual approach to its advertising and marketing campaigns for the duration of Maori Language Week.

“Around 2.5 million people pass through Progressive Enterprises supermarkets each week, so the increased visibility of the language achieved through this significant initiative will help tremendously to normalise the language in our communities and is an awesome way to kick off Maori Language Week,” says Chief Executive Glenis Philip-Barbara.

“This is by far the single most significant effort by a corporate entity in recent times to celebrate Maori Language week.”

152 Foodtown Woolworths and Countdown supermarkets across the country will feature Maori words and phrases in promotional posters, and special ticketing. As well as that their regular mailer which reaches 1.4 million households also features bilingual components.

“This represents a major achievement for te reo Maori, and Progressive Enterprises should be congratulated for their bravery and foresight in using the language”, says Glenis Philip-Barbara.