Expressway – sad and unnecessary


Not only will the planned expressway directly affect many property owners, but almost all in Kāpiti will be indirectly affected by this massive concrete barrier that will split the various communities, and by the continuous roar, day and night, of increasingly large trucks tearing along at 100 kph. Our narrow stretch of coast could turn into an industrial wasteland, and Kāpiti’s desirability as a place in which to live and retire placed in jeopardy. Properties in the area must drop in value.

It is so sad and unnecessary, as the planned internal two-lane Western Link Road, due to begin this year, along with improvements to the present State Highway One and railway upgrade, would not only have provided us with much improved and long awaited internal access, but also largely resolved congestion on State Highway One.

We live in hope that commonsense will in the end prevail and this monstrosity will never be built, as the alternatives are so much more attractive and less destructive of the Kāpiti communities. In the forthcoming local body election citizens must ensure they vote for candidates opposed to the expressway.

Murray Eggers