Road spin


Well done Mr Guy. You are a true artist at massaging the story, a real spin-doctor.

So the conclusion of the report is that the bit covering Peka Peka to MacKays is in your own words “dangerous” and so what do you advocate we do about that stretch of road ? Nothing.

Any changes to the existing SH-1 must occur before KCDC take it over in 2019 otherwise the cost will come from our rates.

Build the 2 lane WLR which can be open in 2012 and start the improvements to SH-1 now.

But “no” you say. So instead of having upgrades to SH-1 to remove the “roadside hazards”, “poor alignment” and “narrow bridges” as Rob Whight calls them, we will inherit them for our local use. Meaning that the through traffic, mainly trucks and the odd MP get an Expressway and we the residents get left with your dangerous piece of road.

Good job, well done MP for Ōtaki.

Colin Baxter