Mahara Gallery on Show

The Mahara Gallery in Waikanae will be closed to the public for two weeks between 28 June and 10 July 2010 for necessary housekeeping, and will be closed on Mondays from 12 July 2010. When the Gallery reopens the following exhibitions will feature.

Sue Soo Paintings

11 July – 22 August 2010

Mayme Chanwai: Selected Works 2002-2009

11 July – 22 August 2010

Gerald Barnett: Still Love the ’50s

Nikolai Kokx: Dwelling

Gary Freemantle: Wild / Life

Anna-Marie O’Brien Paintings

29 August – 2 October 2010

More than a Craze: Photographs of New Zealand’s early digital game scene.

Coming soon to

Mahara’s first online exhibition is being co-curated by Dr Melanie Swalwell, Flinders University, Adelaide, and Janet Bayly.

It will be permanently available on our new gallery website has been developed with the support of Mission Hall Creative, with special thanks to Sam Ryan and Eion Abernethy.