7% rates increase sign of progress says Mayor

The 6.81 per cent average rates increase approved by the Kāpiti Coast District Council is a “clear sign of progress”, Mayor Jenny Rowan said today.

The increase is the average for the district after taking into account the increase in the number of properties on the rating base.

“We’ve arrived at this figure after consultation on the Annual Plan. I believe the Plan is a clear reflection of the community’s wants and needs and a sign that the community wants to progress.

“Council has the challenge each year with the Annual Plan of meeting the community’s wants and needs and balancing those demands. It’s not easy saying no to some while saying yes to others who submit to us for funds for a wide variety of worthwhile projects and issues,” Ms Rowan said.

“The good news is there’s some $31.5million in capital works planned for 2010/11.

“That includes funds for design and development of the water supply solution we expect to make a decision about in August.

“We’re setting up a $2million a year fund for strategic land purchases such as future sports grounds. We will be providing support for people who take steps to conserve water by installing tanks and/or greywater systems.

“We’re continuing to address the major stormwater issues we face in various parts of the district with an average of $3.5million allocated each year for the next 10 to 20 years. A major upgrade of the Raumati CBD is planned over the next two years.

“Our annual roading programme includes $300,000 for footpath upgrades throughout the district and we will once again reseal around 30km of the district’s road.

“In Ōtaki work can start on the new $5million reservoir and the Ōtaki town centre upgrade is scheduled for completion in 2010/11.

“We’ll spend around $2.4million on leisure and open spaces, mainly in upgrades or for new sports and recreational facilities and we’ve agreed to contribute $250,000 in 2010/11 for the new changing rooms at the hockey turf with a recommendation that a further $250,000 be allocated in the following year.

“The cycleway, walkway and bridleway expansion programme continues and there are upgrades planned for Maclean Park and for Waikanae’s Pharazyn Reserve.

“None of this stuff is frivolous or unnecessary. It’s pretty much the core business of the Council and I’m very pleased to say that the Kāpiti Coast District is one that is making progress not standing still,” Mayor Rowan said.