Call to wandering mayor

The Alliance for a Sustainable Kāpiti welcomes the news that Mayor Rowan is to contest the Kāpiti mayoralty this coming election. Mayor Rowan was elected last term on her platform of environmental sustainability, social justice and local democracy.

ASK spokesman Nick Fisher, commenting on the Mayor’s announcement, said “Unfortunately Mayor Rowan has wandered from her mandated position during the past term, supporting the reduction in capacity at our airport, the building of large format industrial buildings in the centre of Paraparaumu, and most recently rolling over for the NZTA to bulldoze through an unnecessary and unwanted motorway dividing the district.

“ASK looks forward to Mayor Rowan returning to her previous position, well stated last year, which supported the community in their opposition to this monstrous blight on our landscape.”

ASK canvassing has shown around 80% of the community is opposed to the proposed roading plans, so will support any Mayoral and Council candidate who will act positively to retain the community and environment described in our Community Plan.

“This plan by NZTA is by no means a done deal; they will struggle to get this through the required steps as they are unable to show it is the most environmentally sustainable option. They are also unable to show that adequately informed community consultation has taken place, nor that the community supports their proposal.

Any candidate who supports or acts to enable this monstrosity, is unlikely to gain the support of the electorate,” Mr Fisher said.

Talk of mitigating the adverse affects is illogical and condescending, he said. “How can you ‘mitigate’ the affects of cutting off your legs, when to do so is totally unnecessary? Most people are realising that the harmful adverse affects of this motorway are so overwhelming that the only so-called mitigation can be to revert to the previous plan of reducing peak traffic by building the Western link road, continuing public transport upgrades and improving highway flow.

“I would encourage Mayor Rowan to read the comments left on our electronic petition, if she needs help to stand up for her previous convictions,” said Mr Fisher.