Locals oppose Expressway

The Alliance for a sustainable Kāpiti (ASK) today reaffirmed its opposition to the Kāpiti expressway.

“We are hearing some comments in the media lately that this is a done deal. It is by no means a done deal and there is a lot more water to flow under the bridge yet in terms of process before any work could commence,” said ASK spokesperson, Nick Fisher.

“If this road is built at all, it will be at least 10 years away. Our canvassing indicates that 80 percent of the Kāpiti community are opposed to the expressway and we have a mandate to oppose it. We are not going away. Opposition to this roading spendup is also widespread and extends far beyond the Kāpiti region.”

Mr Fisher said a petition against the route organised by ASK has around 2500 signatures. “There is a perfectly reasonable alternative to destroying our Kāpiti environment, one that NZTA will have to acknowledge sooner rather than later; this involves a holistic approach to the problems on the main road, including upgrades of both road and rail, traffic demand management, and the immediate start to the WLR.”

Mr Fisher points out that recently released information that NZTA wanted to keep from the public, shows the extent of their ignorance of local feeling.

“The graphic of the Kāpiti road crossing, created by NZTA, will come as a surprise to those still thinking the motorway is just a 4 lane WLR.

“ASK will continue to raise awareness of what this motorway could mean to the community, and the appalling process that resulted in this unjustifiable decision. ASK invites residents to sign the E-petition at www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Kāpiti-coast