Capiti Kabbage Patch


I am surprised Mayor Jenny Rowan thinks that sculptures of Whales is a suitable symbol for the Kāpiti Coast to be recognised internationally.

As a member of “Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti”, she instructed Kāpiti Coast District Council to insert a macron into the word Kāpiti, which in Maori means “cabbage”.

The meaning of the Maori word Kāpiti (without a macron) means “, gorge, narrow pass, shut in (as by hills)”.

Do the residents of Kāpiti Coast (Maori and non-Maori) think that ancient Maori called this place “Cabbage Coast” or simply named it Kāpiti with Kāpiti Island (not “Cabbage Island”) offshore to the West?

As Mayor Rowan thinks Kāpiti Coast is spelt with a macron then wouldn’t it be more appropriate to erect Giant Cabbage icons at the Northern and Southern ends of the District on State Highway 1. We would definitely be internationally recognised as the Kāpiti (Cabbage) Coast.

Martin Warriner

Paraparaumu Beach