Woolf man visits Kāpiti

Kiwi music legend Ray Woolf is visiting Kāpiti this week as a guest of the Kāpiti Kids Motivation Trust.

Trust spokesperson Roger Booth said Ray Woolf is a star and is an ideal person to motivate young kids.

Wednesday 28 April, amSt Patrick’s; pm Kapanui

Thursday 29 April am Raumati South; pm Waitohu

Friday 30 April: Ōtaki Children’s Health Camp; St Peter Chanel School; Te Ra Waldorf School.

Mr Booth said it is the Trust’s intention to have five different visitors during this year, with 4 or 6 school visits involved each time. “This makes it possible for all schools if they wish to have both a cultural and a sporting visitor during the year.”

Mr Booth said the Trust will make the visits available for all 18 schools in Kāpiti, and 17 so far have had KKMT visitors. “Part of the reason for the wide involvement is because the activity is largely paid for charitably. However, at the suggestion of some schools a couple of years ago, there is a $300 voluntary fee (per year, not per visit) for those schools that are happy and able to pay it. But we want to make our visitors accessible for every primary school child in Kāpiti, and so we will continue to make visits open to all schools, whether or not the school that year is able to contribute the fee.”