‘Viola Vincent Reporting’

There was a loud crack as the handlebars snapped off. Caitlin watched as her mother, with a surprised look on her face, somersaulted through the air like some bizarre circus performer,
before landing with a dull thud on her back.

The accident that almost killed her mother seals Caitlin’s own destiny. And when she meets a kick-butt reporter and a ghost from the past, the drama really begins

Caitlin struggles to find her bearings in a world that has totally changed. Her mother, once her rock, has tuned out. Her grandfather is angry and doesn t want to know when Caitlin tries to tell him Mum s bike was dodgy.
In the end, it s the ghost of her famous great aunt, a pioneering journalist, who eventually steers Caitlin s destiny and gives her the courage to take a stand.

Anna Kenna is a Kāpiti-based former radio and television journalist who has won a number of Qantas Media awards for her work in investigative journalism. In recent years Anna has become a successful children’s author, with many of her books and stories used in classrooms worldwide. Anna lives in Raumati with her husband, John Howson. Between them, they have five children. This is Anna’s second title with Scholastic.