Shared path over Waikanae River taking shape

The first of the five trusses, being craned into place on Waikanae Bridge.
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This week contractors completed four of five crane lifts at the Waikanae Bridge on old State Highway 1. The clip-ons, made of lightweight composite materials, have been assembled in five truss sections to be installed onto the bridge.

The construction team used a 220-tonne crane to lift the truss from the truck to the bridge in one move, briefly stopping traffic for the first lift as it was moved near the road.

The remaining lift will be completed next week. Once the trusses have all been lifted into place and secured to the bridge, workers will add the path surface, handrails, and other features. There will also be added a new vehicle safety barrier between the road and the clip-on.

The first crane lift (pictured) was a big achievement for the team working on the new pathway across the bridge.

NZTA say “We’re working hard to finish the job as soon as possible so we can fully reopen the road, and hand over a brand-new pathway to the community.”