Being Racist – Aussie national sport

Aussies go yeah NAH to giving a voice to Aboriginals
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From the Satire desk…

Australia, has long been seen as the most racist country on earth, and they have retained their status after an emphatic No vote to Aboriginals having a say in anything to do with running the country.

“Hey we stole the country off the Abos fair and square mate, so no idea what they’re whinging about,” says Digger Smith, keen supporter of the No vote.

“Mate if they don’t bloody like it mate they can go back to where they came from mate,” adds Mr Smith.

In response to claims the No campaign had racist overtones Mr Smith said that was bloody nonsense.

“That’s bloody nonsense. There’s no racism here mate. Some of my best friends know some Abos mate and I even saw one once so you can’t be much fairer than that can ya.

“Mate if you give them a Voice next thing they’ll be wanting to be treated like equals. It was bad enough when we gave the sheilas the vote mate. You have to draw the line somewhere,” says Mr Smith.

Mr Smith is from Queensland so his response was not unexpected. But to show Australia likes its racism well spread the No vote won the day in all six states.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says the referendum to change the constitution and create an enshrined body called an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice has failed.

The Australian public returned a No vote in both the national and state results. 

The federal government will now be facing questions over how it plans to approach Indigenous affairs without the overarching policy of the Voice. Showing the sort of commitment expected of an Australian PM Mr Albanese had already ruled out legislating a Voice in the event the No campaign won.

So there you have it… Finally a win for Australia, after getting caned in the cricket and rugby they finally came up trumps in their favourite sport… Being Racist.

By Charles Swann