TG sees over 8million journeys in first year

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It’s been a year since Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata – Transmission Gully opened and the benefits have been huge—it’s provided significantly increased safety and much-needed resilience to Wellington’s state highways.

Waka Kotahi says “There’ve been approximately 8.4 million journeys on Transmission Gully so far. From all those journeys there’ve only been 18 crashes, and in those no one has died or been seriously injured. That’s a fantastic result—exactly what we’re looking for when new highways are built.”

There have been 1.2km of barriers replaced so far. Each stretch of barrier replaced is a life potentially saved by preventing head-on or run-off crashes.

“If you travel Transmission Gully regularly, you’ll know how much more efficient your travel is, and how much more resilient the travel north of Wellington is now, especially when other roads are impacted by things like the weather.”

You can find more about the road, including how it was built, on the website: