Price and Vanity – should be no barrier to treating hearing loss

Jeanie Morrison-Low and John Dobbs of Kāpiti Hearing

Price should not be a barrier to having the best hearing you can have. Neither should vanity.

All New Zealanders are eligible for a $1022 subsidy on hearing aids and while prices can vary considerably it is the case that some hearing aids are fully funded.

Kāpiti audiologist Jeannie Morrison-Low MNZAS, says anyone who has questions around costs should call in or ring and they can get the best advice that suits their individual needs.

“It really is case by case. For some people hearing loss is significant and hearing aids can change their lives. For some it is just a matter of wax needing to be removed. The fact is if you have a problem with your hearing it can be sorted out,” says Ms Morrison-Low who works with fellow audiologist Dr John Dobbs Au.D, AAA, ASHA at Kāpiti Hearing clinics in Waikanae and Raumati.

“Hearing aids are so far advanced from where they were just a few years ago. The technology now has improved immensely and whatever the hearing impairment is we can test and advise the right approach to get hearing problems sorted.”

Another barrier to getting hearing aids for some people is the sense that somehow it will make them look old and that they will seem like they are wearing out.

“Oh, those days are well gone,” says Ms Morrison-Low. “Many people remember their parents’ large clunky hearing aids but that is in the past. There have been massive changes in the look and the efficiency of hearing aids in recent years.”

She says it is important for people to make sure they are getting the right aids and the right fit.

“Proper fitting is vital and it is a very individual process so we can assist with that.”

Ms Morrison-Low says there are lots of social costs for people who don’t get their hearing loss treated.

“Relationships with family and friends often suffer because someone is not hearing conversations and often withdraws. We have literally seen lives transformed as the treatment process takes place and patients tell us of the huge changes as their hearing is recovered.”

It is very rewarding to see people regain their confidence from being able to hear again and reconnect with family, friends and community.”

Advice If you are 50+ go get your hearing checked.

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