The Mindful Killer by Nila Taylor

The silent killer fills our discussions,

Spreading like wildfire affecting mankind.

But what of the social repercussions,

And the killer that is the human mind.

Families in boxes across the nation

Disguised by the new household term “bubble”

Deprived of the social interaction

On which we all normally thrive: trouble.

Endless anxiety, depression too

Overwhelmed, desperation ensues.

Drugs or alcohol anything will do

No relief results, just the boozy blues.

And let us not forget, or worse dismiss,

All the people with loved ones overseas.

Separated at first by the abyss,

Now also by covid-19 disease.

And all they talk about is business,

Because that’s what governments always do.

Not the ever increasing mental illness,

How many people before they start to?

Nila Taylor, Ōtaki