Last Chance for Electra Trust Vote

With four candidates standing for two positions on the Electra Trust voting closes at noon tomorrow (June 12).

One candidate, Neil MacKay, says it will be too late to vote by post but the option of voting online still gives people an opportunity to have their say.

Mr MacKay, formerly on the Electra Board for twelve years and served the last three as Chair, says it is important for the public to choose those who represent them.

“I am fully committed to maintaining local ownership and I’m pleased to say under my leadership Electra passed on increased sales discounts to the electricity customers each year.”

The Kāpiti Council voted today to exercise its right to vote as a block its accounts with Electra for the Trust elections. The mayor and councillors cast their votes for Mr MacKay and Kāpiti GreyPower VP Kevin Burrows.

Councillor Rob McCann moved that the votes be cast and he was seconded by Cr Jackie Elliott.

Cr McCann said both Mr MacKay and Mr Burrows have a long record of service to the Kāpiti community in a variety of roles.

Cr Angela Buswell stated her reservations about council block voting as that could sway the outcome in a close election.

Cr Gwynn Compton supported the motion.

“The Horowhenua Council exercise their option to vote so it is already swayed, this way we restore balance. Neil MacKay came in to speak to us and any of the four candidates could have come in

to make their case. Mr Burrows is also a strong community representative,” he said.

After the meeting Mr MacKay told KCNews he was pleased to receive the Council’s endorsement. Mr McKay also received the endorsement of the Horowhenua Council.

For those who have not yet voted the online option will close at noon Friday June 12.

The four candidates are Neil Mackay, Kevin Burrows, Brendan Duffy, and Lindsay Burnell.

If you need assistance there is an Election Helpline 0880 666 033