Kāpiti opts for flexible work

Kāpiti Mayor K. Gurunathan

Kāpiti Coast District Mayor K Gurunathan has welcomed news that consumer spending in the local community is up by around 15 per cent and praised the benefits of more flexible working arrangements.

“There are nearly eight thousand Kāpiti residents who usually leave the District every day for work but COVID-19 has seen the majority of them staying home.

“Having more flexible working arrangements and spending less time getting to and from work has many benefits.

“Spending more time with friends and family, having a greater sense of community, being able to shop local and having more time to get out in the fresh air of our many parks and cycleways has got to be good for positive mental wellbeing.

“Not to mention the reduced costs and impact on the environment.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and this week’s seismic events are also a reminder of how flexible working arrangements can boost community resilience and lessen the impact and disruption these events can cause.

“I would like to think many people have realised these benefits over the past few weeks and are thinking about what steps they might be able to take to achieve a greater work life balance.

“While we see the Wellington CBD as the vibrant heart and economic driver of the region we would also really welcome more of our community being able to stay home for work.”

The Mayor says to realise this Council is eager to see increased government and business office presence in Kāpiti and support projects that encourage this, such as the Police Call Centre in Paraparaumu and other proposals aimed at increasing the availability of office space outside of the Wellington CBD.