Whareora Guardians from planting to Houdini sheep

Kāpiti Environment: Whareroa Guardians keeping busy.

Planting is planned to start at Whareroa on Sunday July 5th. Depending on the level of Covid-19 control at that time there are likely to be changes in how we manage working bees; we will give detail nearer the time.

Planting 2020 will complete Upper Ti Kouka and extend plantings by the Cairn and in Upper Dell. Last year’s plants are looking excellent in Upper Ti Kouka but less good around the Cairn where hares and rabbits and occasional farm animal have chewed plants down but quite a lot are looking fine.

Trees that Count is the main plant donor, giving us 1500 plants this year; in addition, Barefoot Sport (who run X-Terra) have donated $400 for plants. Many thanks to these organisations.

Closure of Wainui Station for logging no access along Campbell’s Mill Rd to south of Whareroa for about 2 years. As previously mentioned in this Update, there is a problem with access along Campbell’s Mill Rd through Wainui Station. Unfortunately, the line of the formed “road” does not follow the Crown Land designation; in several places the formed road crosses Wainui Station land. There will be logging of the pine forests, expected to take 2 years. This carries significant hazard with heavy trucks and machinery who might not see a person on foot or a bike. Access to Wainui Station is no longer permitted until logging has finished. New red signs have been erected at the entrance to Whareroa, and at the end of Maungakotukutuku Rd and at the entrance to Wainui Station.

The Guardians have explored legal implications with KCDC and Walking Access Aotearoa. Both understand the huge impact this will have on recreational users, particularly bikers, runners and trampers. The best that can be offered is that if logging operations cease for a while, then KCDC will change the Access Closed signs to allow access for that time. If the “Wainui Station Closed” signs are displayed, please do not proceed past the entrance to Wainui Station at boundary of Whareroa.

Lizards Trustee Bruce Bulmer has accepted responsibility for liaising with DOC about lizard introduction. We will continue developing a suitable environment for lizards around the Cairn. Good news is that DOC is arranging to repair the damaged fence which has allowed stock to break into this area.

Houdini sheep There are a couple of lambs who seem to be able to pass through fences, appearing on the wrong side a day after they were shepherded back through the gate. Investigation showed that they escaped from one paddock by squeezing through under a stile, they also managed to get into the Ti Kouka plantings and out by the visitor centre.


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