Hairspray for Ōtaki – Auditions

It has been an award winning movie musical and a hit stage show and now it is the turn of the Ōtaki Players to put on the hugely popular show Hairspray.

The call is out for singers/actors/dancers to bring the show to life.

The auditions for Hairspray will take place on Saturday, 28th March and Sunday, 29th March from 1.00pm on both days. If you are considering taking part in the show please contact the Musical Director, Graham Orchard on 027 244 9724 for an audition appointment.

Please bear in mind that the show datesare from 10th to 26th September 2020.

CHARACTERS for Audition:

Edna Turnblad – Male Lead (Tenor)

Seaweed J. Stubbs – Male Lead (Tenor)

Amber Von Tussle – Female Lead (Mezzo-Soprano)

Tracy Turnblad – Female Lead (Mezzo-Soprano)

Link Larkin – Male Lead (Baritone)

Penny Pingleton – Female Lead (Soprano)

Velma Von Tussle – Female Supporting (Alto)

Corny Collins – Male Supporting (Tenor)

Motormouth Maybelle – Female Supporting (Alto)

Wilbur Turnblad – Male Supporting (Baritone)

Prudy Pingleton – Female Featured (Mezzo-Soprano)

Little Inez – Female Featured (Mezzo-Soprano)

Ensemble – Either Gender, Any age (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Baritone)

Song Audition Information

TRACY TURNBLAD….’Good Morning Baltimore”, “You can’t stop the beat”, “I can hear the bells” (not all of the songs) plus dialogue and movement.

LINK…”It Takes Two”, “Without Love”

AMBER …”Mama I’m A Big Girl” “Cooties”.

SEAWEED…”Run and Tell That”, Without Love”.

PENNY…”Without Love”, “Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now”.

EDNA…”Timeless To Me” & “Welcome to the Sixties”.

WILBUR… “Timeless to Me”. VELMA.. “Ms Baltimore Crabbs”.

MAYBELLE… “Big Blonde and Beautiful”, ” I Know Where I’ve Been”.

CORNY COLLINS… “Nicest Kids in Town”.

COMPANY…”Good Morning Baltimore”, “You Can’t Stop The Beat” & “Nicest Kids In Town”.