Kāpiti group SEAR launch ethical fashion campaign

SEAR Societal is a youth-led societal action group based at Paraparaumu College.

“I’m sure you’ve all heard the term, ‘a wardrobe to die for’ before, but what if that was, in fact, the case?

“Demand for fashion has become so intense that 250,000 Indian cotton farmers have committed suicide in the last 15 years because of the debt accumulated trying to keep up with the growing economy. A further 20,000 farmers die per year as a result of the use of agricultural pesticides on cotton in low economically developed countries.

“So far this year 227,644 children have been sold as slaves. But what will one pair of jeans make a difference right? This is happening in the world right now because of the decisions you make when you buy your clothing.

“We, as the Paraparaumu College SEAR Societal Group want to try and make a difference on the production of clothing and the effects on the world, cotton farmers and makers of our clothing in developing countries such as Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. We plan on doing this by educating our community on the effects of their choices.

“Due to supply and demand, every decision you make when consuming has a flow on effect. Small actions such as reusing or recycling material can make a huge difference in carbon emissions around the world. Reusing one pound of cotton can prevent seven pounds of carbon dioxide emission. That’s the equivalent of driving your car for 11km. Your choices do matter and make a massive impact on the world so we need to start being more careful and conscious of our decisions as we are purchasing clothing. Perhaps by going to your local second-hand store rather than shopping at Farmers or Forever 21 which are both rated D- on an ethical fashion scale.

“Support SEAR Societal ethical fashion campaign by thinking about your choices before your next purchase. ”