Refuse Collection – Low Woes

I only this year instructed Low Cost Bins to collect my waste and as a low user I put out approximately fortnightly. The recycling I put out monthly or less. I am on a corner between two roads but only on the second occasion I put out my bins they were left uncollected even though everyone else’s had been collected (I put them out the night before). I phoned them the same day and they assured me they would collect later in the day. Nothing happened. And now they tell me they won’t and that I can leave extra bags outside to compensate. I can imagine what might happen if I do so (they get left). So first impressions less than good – and my experience at another location with this company was also less than perfect too. Am I just unlucky or are things common in Waikanae Beach? Or is it just LCB? Is it Monday morning collections? Or are all the refuse collection companies the same.


Waikanae Beach