Mental Health or the lack of it?

#1 Mental Health is a hot topic nationwide. Pamm Millage, local professional hypnotherapist and psycho-spiritual healer of 30 years, raises the questions:

“What is missing in our general self-knowledge; and what needs to be addressed?”

Time and Technology feed a constant flux of information and mis-information into our lives; some of it inane, some of it enlightening, some of it overwhelming and much of it insane!

Awakening the Unconscious – Did you know?

The unconscious mind absorbs and is “programmed” by all experiences.

Since the year “dot” all it hears, sees, feels, notices, senses, tastes, smells, ingests is absorbed and processed 24 hours a day even during sleep.

The unconscious mind cannot identify what is true and what is untrue. It has no rationale. It forms energy patterns of reaction, belief, judgments, creation and re-creation based on what it has been taught or absorbed; even when that pattern is distorted by misinformation or is fear-based.

90% of our daily thoughts, beliefs, knee jerk reactions stem from our unconscious mind. Although it is the seat of all creativity and ideas; the unconscious mind has no rationale. It formulates our inner and outer world by mental constructs based on embedded patterns some resourceful, others not.

The unconscious mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

Its purpose is to produce what it believes we want time and time again; reinforcing the established patterns.

oWhen it is constantly fed with folly, judgements, unforgiveness and fear-based emotion it will create mental and physical illness or both.

oWhen it is constantly fed with LOVE-based affirmative words, thoughts and emotions it will create mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

The unconscious mind can be reprogrammed to health and wellbeing.

Like an old computer which has picked up bugs or viruses, the unconscious mind can be defragged, repatterned and updated to return to its optimum state of creation.

Mental Health is the result of conscious self-responsibility and self-empowerment.

Mental constructs are merely patterns of energy that can be reformed into resourcefulness and health.


A.How do we deal with the insanity we are constantly being fed?

B.How do we cope with environmental factors; our genes, other people’s bad behaviours; our own anxieties?

C.How do we cope with overwhelm?

D.How do we maintain our own mental health?


NOT with traditional methods, not with placebos, not with drugs and alcohol, not with knee jerk reactions; and not with excuses. They have not worked in the past; why should they work now and in the future?

We merely need to move out of the old rut of destructive traditional thought and into an evolution of new possibilities.

Albert Einstein said


This axiom applies both personally and globally as stated in the Hermetic Law “As within; so without. As above so below”

7 Steps to maintain or regain mental health:

Use discernment and be willing to get help, learn and practise:

1.AWARENESS – Become aware of what you are constantly creating in your outer world; it relates to what you say, think, feel and imagine in your inner world and your mind’s eye.

2.SOLUTION FOCUSSED Take your focus directly to the best outcome imaginable for all.

3.LOVE FOCUSSED Consciously connect to your innate Divinity, your light and use love as your compass. When you allow enlightenment, your neural pathways literally light up and your mind functions more efficiently.

4.CONNECTION – Connect to your inner self and others with compassion, non-judgement, forgiveness, gratitude and unconditional love. As John Lennon said, “Love is all there is- it’s easy!” (I say, “When you know how”).

5.CLEANLINESS Be clean; drink water eat nourishing food; declutter your internal and external environment remove yourself from unresourceful people, habits and influences.

6.SUPPORT AND PROTECTION Determine to accept only good in your life. Use your discernment when seeking out help. Grow a support system of likeminded people who are also willing to be their best selves. Take back your power you are not a victim to traditional thought.

7.EXERCISE DISCIPLINE Practice the above, breath long full breaths and exercise your body laugh more hold your physical being upright; it’s all part of changing the patterns.

Prevention is easier than cure! Start NOW!

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