Kāpiti joins International Day Without Togs

Kāpiti nudists will be on the march tomorrow, fighting for greater acceptance of free-and-easy beach frolicking, as the International Day Without Togs event descends on New Zealand beaches.

The Day Without Togs initiative was first held in Spain 11 years ago and tries to encourage people to sunbathe or swim in the nude, in the fight for greater acceptance of nudity by the general population.

“Swimming naked, being close to nature and free of clothes in the fresh air all contribute to a sense of inner health and well-being,” event organisers, The New Zealand Naturist Federation, say in a statement.

And scheduling of the Day Without Togs events will undoubtedly be of as much interest to non-nudists as those passionate naturists.

So beware that organised events will be held at beaches in the Kāpiti Coast, Northland, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington and Christchurch regions, according to The New Zealand Naturist Federation.

“In New Zealand, it is not illegal to be naked in appropriate public places, such as beaches,” The New Zealand Naturist Federation say.

“It is not the lack of clothes that is the issue but any bad or deliberately offensive behaviour that goes with it.”