Kāpiti Life-Saving Equipment Installed

Saving lives in the community just got a whole lot easier with the installation of three more AEDs in Kāpiti this week.

One of Kāpiti Rotary’s projects this year has been to install Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) around the Kāpiti District.

This week there have been three installations – On the outside of the Ocean Road Community Centre; the Kāpiti Bowling Club; and the Otaihanga Boating Club.

The Ocean Road Community Centre is in constant use by Rotary Clubs; Probus Clubs; and community groups of various kinds. This central location is positioned in the middle of the highly populated residential area of Paraparaumu Beach, and will provide access to a potential life-saving device to all, in the event of an emergency.

The Marine Gardens Community Defibrillator at Raumati Beach, installed on the Kāpiti Bowling Club, is also positioned to service the many hundreds that frequent the beach, Marine Gardens, and local Village as well as those who belong to the Bowling Club.

The third installation so far, is at the Otaihanga Boating Club. which has contributed a large part of the overall funding for this project. The officials of the Boating Club want their participation to be seen as a Christmas present to the local community. This machine will service a large residential population, and also the Paraparaumu Domain, and people and boaties who frequent the Club from north and south of the Waikanae River.

Each of these devices has been facilitated by the Kāpiti Rotary Club. Funding has come from Kāpiti Rotary itself; the Rotary Foundation (in the form of a grant from Rotary District 9940) and a combination of local businesses, other service clubs, and individuals. Kāpiti Rotary, and the prime mover Shirley Stratton, are most grateful to all of the sponsors for supporting their initiative. Sponsors names have been printed on the backing boards of each of the AED’s.

Wellington Free Ambulance has undertaken to supply, install, and maintain the AED’s, and they will also carry out training sessions for the local community. Kāpiti Rotary will organise these important sessions in the New Year.

An AED is a portable electronic device that can be used as an electric shock to the heart of a person who experiences a sudden cardiac arrest. The chance of survival could increase by up to 90 percent if an AED is used within 5 minutes of the event. It can easily be used by the general public even if they have not had training.

Having an AED available 24/7 for use in the case of cardiac arrest, can definitely save life.

Wellington Free Ambulance has provided statistics that prove AED’s are a warranted item for the community, even though the devices are very expensive.

Some of the important facts are:

  • Each week on average four people suffer a cardiac arrest in the greater Wellington area.

  • Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time.

  • 77% cardiac arrests occur in the home, and 23% in a public space.

  • 72 % are male and 23%female

  • The average age for men is 63, and for women 67

  • Cardiac arrest in children is rare but does occur

    Shirley Stratton the project coordinator for Kāpiti Rotary, has plans to extend this project to further locations throughout the District. Suggestions, donations, or inquiries, are welcome via the Kāpiti Rotary Website, which will be given priority attention