Police Video goes viral


The ‘World’s Most Entertaining Police Recruitment Video’ is living up to its name with a massive national and international online response following its launch yesterday evening.

In just 12 hours the video posted to the New Zealand Police Recruitment Facebook page reached 2.9 million people and was viewed one million times.

“The feedback we’ve been receiving from across New Zealand and the world since yesterday’s launch has been phenomenal,” says Commissioner Mike Bush.

“We always knew this would be popular but the results have completely exceeded our expectations.

“Our new recruitment video is working for us.

At 9am today there had been an 800 percent increase in traffic to the ‘New Cops’ website since the launch of the video.

As well as this, 333 full profiles have been created by people interested in joining us.

“It’s exciting to see so many people embracing our approach to recruitment and sharing the message online with potential future officers.”

The feedback from the public has been extremely positive with lots of people commenting on the diversity and the ‘kiwi’ humour in the video.

Many of our counterparts across the world are sharing their praises, and expressing what could perhaps be described as a tinge of envy for the uniquely New Zealand approach.

PC Mark Walsh of the Hampshire Police in the UK tweeted: “The NZ Police have done it again and produced an awesome police recruitment video.

It fully exemplifies the qualities of policing; diversity, courage, service, humour to name a few.”

While San Diego Police Department Chief Shelley Zimmerman even tried to piggyback off the campaign posting: “Well done NZ Police – we are hiring too.”

“We encourage people to keep sharing the video via their own social media channels and to tag anyone they think will make a great cop,” says Commissioner Bush.

“This is an encouraging step for us in gaining hundreds of new recruits to work towards our objective of being the safest country.”

Interested in joining the Police? Go to newcops.co.nz and take the first step.